Tap into powerful data that FICO ignores.

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Process credit applications faster with more confidence.

Gain access to in depth profile information for all your customers through our business dashboard.

profile information

Leverage innovative customer insight - only available at SharedLending.

Use Cases

Auto Loans

  • Potentially great borrowers like new college grads, veterans and immigrants lack access to credit history. We're working with businesses to help fill this gap.
  • Subprime auto loans can take twice as long to complete. Auto loans companies can use our score to cut down on loan processing time.

Rental Properties

  • Choosing applicants can be difficult when they have similar FICO scores. Our trust score can offer additional data points to help you decide.
  • We believe consumer behaviour is an important part of ensuring a good landlord/tenant relationship. Use CORE to choose the best fit every time.

Rent-to-own Stores

  • When a full credit checks is not required, CORE is great alternative to gain confidence in a customer's worthiness for credit.
  • Getting a CORE score is significantly faster and easier than filling out a credit application. CORE helps you give your customers a straightforward, streamlined experience.

Personal Loans

  • Personal lending can be highly subjective. Use data before making the decision to loan that $500 to a friend of a friend.