About Us

We believe there is a significant market of people underserved by traditional credit scoring. Today, credit scoring ignores the heroic efforts people make to improve their lives. When people new to the US are denied internet access if they don't have a FICO score, we need an alternative model for credit and risk.

We officially launched SharedLending on 3/14/15 to create a trust score - the beginning of an alternative to traditional credit scoring.

We started with these questions: What does human behavior tell us about payment reliability? Can we help people get lower interest rates on auto loans by focusing on the way people live, work and play? Can a trust score accelerate peer to peer lending?

SharedLending is a platform where people create their unique CORE Profile. Our algorithm has no connection or correlation with FICO. We don't ask for any Social Security numbers or any type of confidential information. Our model analyzes your responses to 5 human characteristics: Productivity, Resilience, Finance, Health and Education.

We invite you to be a part of a movement to create alternatives to traditional credit scoring. Sign Up to begin.


The SharedLending Team