50 Million People lack a Credit Score. Use a Trust Score for Payment Reliability.

A New Trust Score based on How We Live, Work & Play

Can a trust score measure your reliability to pay back loans? Imagine being rewarded for your productivity, your grit and your health in a way traditional credit scoring ignores. This is the power of CORE: Credit Optimization & Risk Evaluation. Learn more.

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Smarter Consumers
SharedLending is a platform for users to create a new type of trust score. Whether you are "subprime, prime or superprime", our trust score algorithm is designed to identify your strengths.


Consumer Behavior Data
Based on simple pieces of data that you provide, our CORE Score algorithm computes a number on your profile from 1 – 100. A detailed CORE Profile shows areas of strength and opportunity as a consumer.

FICO alternative

Smarter Businesses
The SharedLending platform provides businesses with data not available to traditional credit scoring to serve more customers with better deals.